Custom Tables

All our tables are custom made, which means no two are exactly alike.
Additions and subtractions to designs change with each piece.
All table designs are available in any size.
More styles are available but not shown, please call for details.
New designs are available, please call for details.

All tables are lacquered, making them extremely durable to the outdoor environment*
(*except the tables with wood accents, although lacquered, we do not recommend they stay outdoors)

Tables are soley designed, cast and finished in Royalston, Masssachusetts by Jeffrey Bronnes. The tables, although extremely useable, are not made to be "perfect", the craftmanship is that of an object of art and not that of mass produced furniture. They are pieced and sculpted together and are a work of a work in progress. Each one is a personal achievement to whatever is created next.


Textured 99% Table
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Rectangle; All Triangles
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Fluted Top Table
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Cast Bronze Table
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3 Leg Triangle Table
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Rectangle Triangle Table
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