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This photo was taken before
any restorations.

Conservation Treatment for the Belchertown Soldiers Monument
Dated 1884

28' tall Zinc Monument was sinking, cracking, tearing, and buckling from it's own weight!

There are 5 sections of the zinc, the very top base was extracted. We designed an inner skeleton (armature) for the entire zinc 5 section base. Once the top was off, we poured an interior concrete base and proceeded to build a stainless steel armiture from the ground upward. Designed to bolt the top section to bottom base. Once both had solid armature to hold the sculpture upright, we crane hoisted top to bottom, then put the soldier back to rest on top. Teflon was used between material to prevent galvanic corrosion.

  • Crane ready to extract soldier from base.
  • Soldier put into cage for safe movement.
  • Soldier being hoisted to ground.
  • Strapping soldier to trailer for move to workshop.
  • Soldier strapped to relieve pressure from work on the base.
  • Ladder being lowered to get me out.
  • Installing Soldier, final fit.
  • Large zinc middle column lowered into place.
  • Lifting middle column.
  • Epoxy coated re-bar, poured concrete interior base.
  • Our new stainless steel skeleton installed in middle column.
  • Lifting middlle section for re-attachment.
  • Ready for another section installation.
  • Lowering middle section.
  • Mating up middle column to base section for final installation.