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Soldiers Sailors Monument

Dated 1881

24 feet across, 50 feet high, 3 Life Size Bronze Soldiers, 3 Large plaques and Granite Female on Top

The Soldiers Sailors Monument is a grand artistic work of art. It stands fifty feet high and is adorned with three larger life size sculpted bronze Civil War Soldiers. One Sailor, one Infantry, and one Cavalry soldier. The granite work is a six sided multi-stepped base with the three bronze sculptures on granite tiers with three large bronze plaques( 28 inches wide and 78.5 inches tall) with smaller plaques under each large one measuring (14.5 high and 31 wide) mounted between each of the bronze sculptures on the column of granite. At the very top of the monument is a sculpted granite woman called "INDUSTRIA", with a shield dated 1845. She stands 8 feet tall.

The sailor was missing his sword which is held with both hands at his waist and stands vertical down to the base. We creted and cast a new sword and installed it in place with a weld at the top, near the handle and one at the base. We also cast a scabbard and a frog for his proper left hip and welded it into place. A weep hole was drilled in his proper left elbow to relieve condensation build up on the interior on the bronze.

Holding his binoculars standing proud had been vandalized and missing many component that make this such a great piece. We did retrieve his scabbard and handle and hand guard, We installed the weapons, welding the pieces together and sculpting and casting the 12" belt and the rings and clips to attached each item to one another. We also cast and installed the stirrups on his boots.

The Infantry soldier was missing his cast bronze rifle, which the City found in their archives and we welded it into place. He received two weep holes, one in each elbow.